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Why ultra 3w laser pointer is more visible and brighter than red laser pointer?
Green light 532nm many low of less than 10% conversion efficiency. For example, 50 mW green laser pointer can be available from an infrared laser diode 500mW. 200mW red laser pointer can achieve a similar visual effect with a 20mW green laser pointer, and the energy consumption of the two lasers is almost the same. However, green laser pointer is much safer to use.Red light is more easily transmitted air, dust, water, so a higher power red laser pointer is in need to obtain a high visible red light. Green laser light has a better diffusion in the air as red and green laser is about eight times more sensitive to red light 650nm green laser pointer has nearly 10 times better visual effect of red laser pointer.The generation of laser pointer pen 50mw tower just help workers make alignment of the most accurate and precise points all work surfaces effectively. In order to get the best generation of quality points on all work surfaces, users should try to adjust the steering target point exactly. After users have made an appropriate choice of output power and distance targeting, this advanced alignment laser pointer can always bring the best generation workers dot efficacement.Avez you ever got a dot alignment quite accurate and in particular those targeting long distance fields? It is always a very difficult job for users to reach the best alignment points with manual operating tools, but the advent of the laser pointer alignment industry has solved the problem perfectly. Usually the laser beam emitting http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-6.htmlcontactless alignment laser pointer can reach a long distance, and then make a very accurate dot and accurate education on required work surfaces. According exact requirement of working fields, users can still make free choice of green laser alignment, red, blue, purple blue or invisible infrared laser alignment to complete alignment effectively ideal high power green laser .

This 2000mW green laser is an extremely powerful laser, closer to the lightsaber that the laser pen! To work, this 2000mW laser operates with high capacity 18650 batteries for an operating time of more longue.Par addition, the extension ring provided can be removed so that the laser works with 16340 batteries, smaller, available on our site.Pour that the beam power is maximized, use batteries or batteries fully rechargées.Comme all lasers, LED heats up quickly, so it is not advisable to leave your laser lit continuously for long périodes.Ce 2000mW laser is an extremely powerful laser, with beautiful finishes, closer to the lightsaber that the laser pen!Yes, it is therefore hazardous thing a laser pointer, when you search by the search engine, you will find a lot of online store to buy this tool. In general, subject to intense debate on the laser pointer are critical: “It is not a tool for our daily lives!”, “You want to be blind?”, “What a con!” But these criticisms do not prevent buyers passion.Pointer seduction We therefore request laser.Comment can we pursue an object that is so hazardous? Everything has its two sides, its usefulness let remain in our life! It is unimaginable that the laser pointer is useful and indispensable! (See more knowledge on laser)For the high power laser pointer is certainly a tool with little security and is intended for scientific or astronomical studies. But the pluparts people are buying only http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-63.htmlfor leisure.It was not long ago, a certain travelers have experienced a strong laser 3000mw jamming aircraft all events. At that time, in the evening, passengers flying from Qingdao and Dalian. When more than 10 minutes after takeoff, the aircraft had climbed to a height of 3100 meters, a bunch of obvious shot at the green light to the earth, passing quickly flashed plane. But soon the green beam and bottom of the device, and continuously around the body fragments. Cheap laser pointer When customers attempt to use the camera to take the beam is scanned into the lens of the beam of the eye to stimulate a little, and the emergence of blurred vision about a minute. The height of the beam intensity and exposure, it is the range of a high power green laser is 1mw.Laser pointer stands for “Laser Pointer”, also known as “the feather stars” “Laser Pointer”, etc., depending on the wavelength can be divided into red, yellow, green, blue, purple and other categories, the common market being a red 20mW Green laser Pointer Pen and green laser pointer. powerful laser It is understood that the green laser wavelength of 532 nm, the optical path upright and stable, able to do a tune a few kilometers from the non-proliferation, it is used as a tool to locate celestial and astronomical astronomy education, while the 5mw laser pen is usually visit museums and various strained fair as a reminder

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